C-level Leadership Guidance.
Digital transformation is about setting the company on a path to best utilize the latest technology solutions as a key competitive differentiator. We provide technology leadership as an advisory service or in the form of an interim leadership role within your company. Our typical client is the executive leadership team of a startup, a small or medium business, or a division at a larger organization.

Flexible, Customized Services.
Whether you’re building a new solution for external or internal customers, working on scaling up a product already in market, re-engineering an existing solution to be cloud-based, or looking to optimize existing products or systems, our consulting services will be of great value. Our core service offerings outlined below serve as a starting point to work towards a flexible, customized offering that best serves your needs.

Digital Transformation Leadership

Have you heard a lot about the importance of digital transformation but are uncertain about what this journey entails? We provide strategic guidance and engineering leadership for your digital transformation as an advisory service. We will assess your existing strategy, business processes, internal systems, software solutions, and work culture. We will help you build your digital transformation strategy, roadmap, and execution plan. We will work with your leadership team to implement the necessary process, technology, and organizational shifts.

Interim CTO & Engineering Leadership

Do you need someone to lead your technology efforts for some time? We can serve as your interim, consulting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or engineering team leader. We can also help you hire or interview candidates for these roles at the suitable time. 

Targeted Engineering Review

Do you want to someone to take a look at your processes & systems, software products, technology platforms, your architecture, or any aspect you’d like to revamp or optimize? We can perform targeted reviews on any or all aspects of your processes, systems, software products or technology platform. Our goal is to provide you strategic guidance and engineering leadership to set your platforms, systems, or solutions on the course for long-term success. Some of the specific areas we can provide targeted assessments on are outlined below.

Product & Experience Review

We will help you clarify the customer value proposition, refine the product scope & roadmap, review the customer journey & prioritize scenarios, define the experience model, and identify metrics to measure how well the product is working for your customers.

Technology Stack & System Architecture Review

We will help you determine the platform capabilities, plan for key fundamentals such as scalability and security, perform a design review of your technology stack and system architecture, and assist you in making suitable technology choices for your overall system.

Process & Systems Review

We will perform an in-depth assessment of your existing business processes, operational tooling systems, and engineering systems. We will help streamline existing processes, explore new processes to deliver better business outcomes, help drive the modernization of your operational tooling in alignment with your business processes, and help optimize your engineering systems for greater agility.

Solution Delivery & Team Culture Review

We will assess and provide recommendations on various aspects such as your delivery model, your team culture & capabilities, decision-making approach, and accountability model. We will help you with hiring for key talent gaps and align your systems and processes with your team culture to maximize results.