Cloud-centric Approach
Cloud-based technology has become increasingly robust, powerful, and flexible. The beauty of cloud computing is its ability to provide flexible environments which directly fit in with what a business is trying to accomplish. We have years of experience building products using the various models of cloud-based services such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure), PaaS (Platform), and BPaaS (Business Process). We have a deep understanding of the key ways businesses can adopt cloud technologies via private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Build A Partnership.
We start with a free consultation session to explore your situation, the nature of engagement needed and to assess if there is a match. Our work is collaborative and involves partnering closely with you, your leadership team and your key customers. A typical engagement is expected to be completed in 3-6 months depending on the nature and scope of the services being provided. Our goal is to transfer learning to you, our client, so you can operate independently after the consultation is concluded.

Tailor Approach To Your Needs.
We have in-depth sessions in which we listen carefully to understand the strategy, situation, challenges, and objectives. We do a comprehensive assessment of your current plans, product, or solution. Based on this, we come up with a customized proposal that best meets your needs, in which we outline well-defined objectives and mutually agreed-upon, measurable outcomes. Once the proposal is accepted, we proceed to work with your team to apply our methodology, help you build a detailed plan, and support you and your team on its execution.


We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes with high-scale, custom SaaS products and solutions with specialization in a few domains.

Custom SaaS Solutions

We help clients define, architect, build, and deliver custom SaaS products and solutions utilizing the appropriate cloud and mobile platform technologies.

E-Commerce Solutions

We help clients with the definition, architecture, implementation, and delivery of a comprehensive, cloud-based E-Commerce system spanning key aspects such as customer experience, platform, operational systems, analytics, and customer support.

IoT Solutions

We help clients with the definition, architecture, implementation, and delivery of a cloud-based end-to-end IoT system spanning key aspects such as device platform, IoT hub platform, analytics, and business integration.


Our proven, holistic methodology looks across four major dimensions to drive outcomes that greatly increase the odds of success.


Crisp product strategy & roadmap, clarity on the customer needs and desired customer outcomes, an intuitive experience model, and a well-defined set of product metrics.


Robust, scalable cloud-based platform and solution architecture that is secure and manageable, with a responsive, cross-platform user experience.


Agile development using automated systems, lightweight processes, insightful analytics that promote data-driven learning and continuous improvement, and high-quality solutions that delight customers.


An open, diverse, innovative, and collaborative work culture which empowers employees to do their best work.